There are several different home decor styles, there’s Mid-Century Modern,Industrial, Bohemian, Urban Modern, Rustic, Shabby Chic, Scandinavian and many other styles.  All of the varied styles are defined by elements and accent pieces. The Pipers Alley is defining itself as a major outlet for the varied elements and accents that define those styles. We invite you to shop our PeepPages here and browse our still growing selection of home decor, many elements and accents are available.


Thick Woven Nested Basket Set - 3
Blue Pixels Teardrop Art Glass $21.95 (Reg. $22.95) Sculpture
Peacock Art Glass Teardrop Sculpture $33.95 (Reg. $36.95)
Mediterranean Style Ornamental Seabirds Set
Abstract Sculpture figurine
Crossed Teardrop Art Glass Sculpture
Dramatic Freeform Sunset Art Glass Vase Accent Plus - $64.95
Red Freeform Floral Art Glass Vase - $64.95
Murano Style Art 12.5" Glass Vase with a Face!
Violet and Indigo Art Glass Vase



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