2Pcs Industrial Iron Pipe Shelf Brackets


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Industrial Iron Pipe Shelf Brackets are the go to items in Do It Yourself functional decor in this Post Industrial age. This set, can be ideally used as shelving supports and is especially suitable for use in homes, apartments, dorms and even commercially.  Order a couple of sets today and D.I.Y.   Build something beautiful.

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    These Industrial Iron Pipe Shelf Brackets are just the basic tip of the iceberg in the booming Post Industrial Pipe Decor rage. This set, ideally used as shelving supports is ideal for homes, apartments, dorms and even commercially, they also have a few other creative uses.


    Specification: Color: Black Material: Iron Surface treatment: Painted black matte Flange Diameter: 85mm/3.3″ Short arm: 90mm/3.5″ (Including flange and elbow) Long arm: 130mm/5.1″ (Including flange and elbow)


    Application: Just attach a plank of wood/scaffolding board finish to suit your decor.  


    Installation:  Fix a wooden board with floor flange, than fix the whole bracket to the wall with screws and screw holder,  you can DIY something as you like to suit your decor.  


    Features: 1. Made of good iron material, strong hardness.not easy to break,very durable. 2. Retro industrial water pipe design, beautiful and elegant, show off your wonderful aesthetics and taste. 3. It perfect for bottles shelf.  


    Package Included:  2 x Pipe Shelf Brackets


    Please allow 8 – 15  Business days for delivery.

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    This 2pc bracket set will make a breeze of your D.I.Y. shelving build. Order now and take advantage of a 11% discount off the regular price. Build something beautiful.


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